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If you've explored lenders and loans on the internet the chances are good that you've felt overwhelmed.  There are so many lenders and more types of loans than one person will ever need.

Read the Wise Borrower's Guide ... it's online and it's free!

In a nut shell, here's what you need to know about lenders and loans:  if you borrow money without careful consideration of the consequences, you can quickly find yourself deeply in debt and struggling.

LendersAndLoans.com is about borrowing money ... from a borrower's perspective.

What you will find here is solid, helpful information about borrowing money.  You will find links to web sites with information you can use to make good financial decisions.  You'll find information about recommended books to read and software that can help you calculate different financial scenarios.

The most important thing to remember about borrowing money is this:  Borrow Wisely!  Making wise financial decisions is so important that you will find a direct link to our Wise Borrower's Guide on every page of this web site.  Read the Wise Borrower's Guide.  It contains information which can help you make good decisions about your debt.

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